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Tips to Score Higher in OET Listening Test

Date:October 22, 2021

Every examination needs proper preparation, and the OET is not different. OET or the Occupational English language Test is specifically designed to demonstrate the English language skills of healthcare professionals. The test gauges the ability of candidates to communicate well in healthcare contexts. The listening test is an integral part of the

OET examination. This section of the exam assesses your ability to understand spoken English. Here we discuss some tips to keep in mind to score higher in the OET Listening Test.

Tips to Score Higher in OET Listening Test

The OET listening test consists of three parts A, B, C, which have 42 questions. The listening subtest mainly has topics related to general healthcare, and the duration of the exam includes recorded sessions & some pauses to write answers. The idea of the listening test is to assess the range of listening skills of the candidate through note completion and multiple-choice questions. Sometimes the listening test may be tricky; here are some tips that you can keep in mind to score better in the OET listening test.

Familiarise Medical Related Topics

Being a medical professional, it’s vital to know about healthcare topics. Even Though you are dealing with medical topics, it’s essential to be aware of the respective topics. You must cover all the topics from cardiology to neurology and focus on your weak areas.

Be aware of the format of the exam.

Before going to the exam, you should be aware of the format of the listening test. You must be mindful of the instructions before the listening test. Make sure that you follow all the rules and regulations of the test while taking the test.

Read questions carefully before listening to the audio.

Most of us do a lot of sample tests before the exam. Even before playing the audio, it’s advisable to go through the questions. By doing this, you would come across many crucial phrases and words that can be helpful in your exam.

Inform the invigilator about the audio problems

While doing the exam, there may be changes like you may not hear audio properly from the other side. This may be due to connectivity issues or even due to the problems in the device. Instead of waiting, you should talk to the concerned staff about the problem and solve it. Any failure in this action could result in losing your valuable time.

Concentrate on listening

The critical skill you may need while doing a listening test is concentration. In the time provided, you have to be attentive to score higher marks. Focus on the keywords, which could help you later. You should pay attention to the sequence, as the OET listening test goes in order, Don’t get confused and finish the exam carefully!

Familiarize the common abbreviations

The Healthcare field has a lot of abbreviations. Therefore, before going to the exam, you must note down important abbreviations, which could help you while taking the OET listening test. Since you are from the medical field, you may be comfortable with the abbreviations, but you should note them down and ensure no errors.

Avoid distractions

Don’t get tense during the listening test, even if you miss a few answers. Instead, keep your mind focused and never get distracted. If your mind follows the right path, you can easily crack the exam.

Listening to health podcasts and video

If you are a fan of podcasts, you can try out health podcasts which are beneficial for the listening test. You can also go for videos and subscribe to channels that regularly post health-related topics. This could help you attain better listening skills and enhance your vocabulary.

Final Thoughts

OET helps you move forward in your career by providing the right language skills for work and study. OET allows healthcare professionals to break through the obstacles of communication proficiency and enable them to work with more confidence and ease. If you are thinking of pursuing a career abroad through OET, you must choose a professional training institute. Benz International Academy understands your dream, and we have formulated compelling strategies to help you drive through your dream journey. To know more about us, visit