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Daily intensive preparation in four modules

Date:June 17, 2021

Listening, reading, writing and speaking is the foundation to acquire fluency in any language. Similarly, these four basics are the criteria for cracking the IELTS exam. Clearing them with a mere score would not fetch you your dream career. A high score band is essential to fly high along with your dreams. For this an intensive and comprehensive coaching is necessary. The best IELTS coaching centre in Kochi provides in-depth training in all medical examinations.

The four modules, the rigorous training and the exam

The best OET coaching centre in Kochi follows a detailed and comprehensive course pattern. The course structure is formulated in such a way that the candidates get to attend mock tests and assignments regularly. Group discussions, interactive sessions, writing practice sessions, face-to-face sessions, etc., are other methods employed. Through these sessions, we ensure that our students gain confidence when they face the final exam.

The four modules and tests are:

  1. Listening- this is the first test every IELTS candidate has to encounter. And hence the first module in the syllabus. The training includes listening to recorded audio texts, conversations and dialogues by native speakers, monologues, etc. Upon listening to them, the students are made to answer certain questions based on the audio. The candidates are expected to capture the main ideas, minute factual info, and decipher the speakers’ attitude on what is conveyed through the conversations. In the final exam, the listening test occurs within a time of 30 minutes and the audio texts are played once. Therefore, the best IELTS coaching centre in Kochi train its students to listen thoroughly and answer
  2. Reading- after listening comes the reading. Within 60 minutes, every candidate is supposed to skim and scan the given texts for every detail, the writer’s opinion and attitude, and so The reading module is usually differentiated as academic and general training. The training consists of enabling students to read and approach the texts in a discursive and analytical manner.
  3. Writing- reading is followed by writing skills. Like reading, writing also involves both academic and general training. To attain writing, the best OET coaching centre in Kochi presents graph, table, chart etc. and asks students to describe or summarize. They are also given various topics to practice essay writing The practice sessions vary according to academic and general training. In the general training, the practise sessions given for letter writing instead of an essay.
  4. Speaking- the final module and test in the IELTS exam. It is generally seen that many students fail to cross this level. Prior to the speaking test, we give thorough face to face sessions and other interactive sessions. We also conduct extempore so that our students become quite efficient to have a discourse

At the end of the day

‘Hard work beats talents when talent does not work hard.’An effort to strive hard would earn you the desired score band and proficiency in the language. Your determination and dedication along with the best IELTS coaching centre in Kochi’s intensive training programming together would guarantee you success.