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How To Write A Referral Letter In OET writing.

Date:November 4, 2021

OET certification is the first step you must pass to register and practice in primarily

English speaking countries. Even if you are looking for future academic options in these countries, you must give the OET examination. Every subtest is essential to attain good grades in the examination. OET writing is a crucial subtest that would allow you to obtain better grades if you follow the exact procedures. As a health expert, every candidate should have excellence in writing, tested in the OET writing subtest. The subtest involves letter writing which tests your ability to communicate via writing in actual professional conditions. Here you may be subjected to write referral letters to senior healthcare provides. The OET writing subtest assesses your skill to write a referral letter by covering someone’s medical condition and the treatment they may require. Here we discuss some critical points that you have to keep in mind while writing a referral letter.


Things to Keep in Mind While Writing a Referral Letter

 A referral letter is an essential means of communication between primary and secondary care, giving the physician the exact details about the patient’s condition to ensure a smooth transition. Therefore, healthcare professionals should make sure that they have written down the precise information required by analysing the case notes. While writing a referral letter, let’s look at some things to keep in mind that could help you perform better in the OET writing subtest.

Focusing on Reading Before You Start Writing

You may receive a few case notes which help you get forward with the writing. Before you start writing, you must make sure that you have correctly read these notes. It’s mandatory to thoroughly understand the condition and instructions of the patent given to you, which could help you perform better in the examination.

Make Sure to Establish the Patient’s Medical Condition

While taking the OET subtest, you will be given case notes containing information about the patient’s medical condition. By analysing these notes, you should understand their condition and explain the same through the referral letter. Typically the first paragraph shows how well you have understood the medical condition of the patient.

Focus on Medical History

While writing the medical history, make sure that you include precise and clear details as beating too many bushes could affect your grades. In addition, you should note down the proper issue related to the patient to help the respectable physician.

Include Referral Destination and Reasons for Referral

Ensure that you have included all the referral details, including the receiver’s name, address, and date. You have to include the specialisation of the physician, the address of the hospital and the exact date without any abbreviations. You must make sure that you have noted down why the patient is being referred to secondary care clearly with right on target points.

Have a Proper Conclusion

Every referral letter needs a proper conclusion to make it look more professional. You can use ending words like In Summary,” “In Closing which will make it look more genuine. Never forget to keep the salutation in the end like ‘your sincerely or faithfully at the end. A proper closure will create an impression among the evaluator, enhancing your chances in the examination.

Final Thoughts

The principal objective of the OET writing subtest is to evaluate your proficiency in writing. Being a medical professional, it’s essential to have good writing skills. Every

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