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Top Mistakes to Avoid in OET Writing Sub Test

Date:October 26, 2021

Each subtest in the OET examination has got its relevance. To gain better grades, you have to score high in every subtest. If you are preparing for the OET examination, you must be careful about common mistakes that most candidates make, especially while writing a subtest. During the examination preparation, you must be aware of your weak areas and should work on them to get better results. Here we are listing out some common mistakes.

Spelling & Punctuation

 We often may not think of spelling and punctuation as a great deal while writing. But the indisputable fact is that they play a significant role in getting you better grades. You must be cautious about what you write and avoid the chances of error, if any. Before submitting the paper, it’s vital to double-check the spelling and punctuation in your content. If you place the proper punctuation, it shows your knowledge in language and would create an impression among the examiner. If you can just proofread your answers before they get submitted, it would help you avoid a lot of errors.

Grammatical Errors

 When you think of an essential factor that determines your score in OET written subtest, it could be grammar. No matter which language you choose, your proficiency in the language will be assessed by how well your grammar is. Grammar makes every sentence meaningful and beautiful. Therefore, while writing your answers, you must be careful about the grammatical errors that could happen. About 25% of the scoring pattern in the OET examination depends upon grammar. Therefore, you have to reduce your grammatical errors to an extent to gain higher grades in your examination.

Not Choosing the Right Terminology.

 While the OET writing test, it’s important to choose the correct medical terms in your answers. Instead of using highly complicated words, it’s better to use common medical terms you use in your profession. If you try out new and unfamiliar words, that may not help you in getting good grades. Make sure that the written content is explicit, as it will be reflected in your results.

Using Lengthy Sentences

Writing long sentences may not always look great! We usually have a habit of writing lengthy paragraphs to show our proficiency in the language, which may sometimes

backfire. The quality of the content always matters than the quantity. So it’s better to go with crisp and valid points that would impact the examiners. Using irrelevant sentences and beating the bushes would create a negative impact. Being straight to the point is always good in the OET writing subtest.

Improper Letter Layout

As part of the OET writing, you may have to write different types of letters. Each of these letters has a format on which you have to focus on. The content quality and format play equal roles in getting better grades for you. If you follow the exact format, the idea that you communicate will be clear to the examiner.

Not Paying Attention to Reading.

Before beginning the test, it’s advisable to read the test content; you must understand the structure and plan accordingly. The time you spend here would be fruitful, and you could get better results. Likewise, if you spend some time proofreading, it could also be beneficial to your test.

Final Thoughts

As a healthcare professional, you know how important communication is in your job.

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