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Pearson Tests of English (PTE)

Pearson Tests of English (PTE) is a computer based academic English language test aimed at non-native English speakers who want to study abroad. It is an entirely computer based assessment that tests the academic English skill sets. The test assesses listening, reading, writing, and speaking. skills of the candidate. The test is designed in such a way that every question generally tests two skills together, like reading and speaking or listening and reading. Assessment patterns include writing an essay, describing an image, finding right or wrong answers, or summarizing a given text.

Students who aspire to go abroad for studying in a major English speaking country like the UK, Australia, USA, and Canada can take the PTE academic exam to prove their English language efficiency. Computer based testing and scoring ensures that the candidates are assessed objectively and consistently. It is a three-hour long computer based test. The test focuses on day to day English rather than high-level English language and tests a student on his/her ability to effectively understand the language as spoken daily. The multi-level grading system ensures a better understanding of the student’s proficiency in the English language.

PTE is distinct from IELTS/TOFEL in many aspects. First and the foremost aspect is the scoring pattern and the results. As the tests are fully computerized, the PTE results and scores are declared much quicker, typically in 5 business days. This makes it suitable for those students who are in a rush to proceed with their admissions. The test format is fairly easy to understand. The PTE academic exam is conducted round the year for students seeking admission to a university or institution. The scores for a PTE exam are valid for a period of 2 years. The PTE general exam is conducted thrice in a year in the month of May, June, and December. The PTE general paper consists of two papers – a written paper and a spoken test. The PTE general test scores are valid for life and are used to test the communication skills of the candidates. PTE results stand as a proof for the student’s language skills and their ability to study in an international environment, with a good grasp over the universal language of English.

By scoring well in this test, students can assure the admission committee as well as the visa officers that they are capable of understanding the globally accepted official language while studying on the foreign land. A good score in the test also ensures that candidates would be able to represent their ideas, deliver presentations, work to gain international exposure, and basically function on the international front in front of foreing audience. Benz Academy has developed the best training pattern in PTE coaching to help students achieve excellent scores.