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Fluency, vocabulary and grammar-based training

Date:July 28, 2021

It has become a universally accepted myth that speaking the English language fluently is a criterion for expertise. Well, though not in all facets, it is true in IELTS. Not just fluency, but your knowledge in vocabulary and grammar is also checked and tested. The best IELTS coaching centre in Kochi is at your service to guide every IELTS/OET candidate in fluency, vocabulary and grammar.


Fluency v/s accuracy

English is undoubtedly a foreign language to all of us. Often the question arises as to should we fluency or accuracy in a foreign language.

Fluency is the flow and efficiency with which you express your thoughts and ideas. In a professional and academic apparatus, fluency weighs in discourses and presentations. The content of your discourse is highlighted with the fluency you speak. On the other side, the term accuracy denotes your ability to handle the language from an overall perspective. Grammar, phonetics, vocabulary falls into these criteria. Accuracy comes in hand when writing rather than speaking. As far as IELTS/OET is concerned, both fluency and accuracy are required. The best OET coaching centre in Kochi trains its pupils accordingly. To attain fluency, students are made to converse with fellow students and teachers. The faculty members also encourage them to read sufficiently. Debates and other group discussions are also conducted from time to time so that they can speak up confidently and fluently during their oral examinations.



As mentioned above, vocabulary is associated with accuracy. The written test evaluates vocabulary and also your ability to write. For this, the best IELTS coaching centre in Kochi engages students with regular assessments and other writing assignments. Our vocabulary lessons include word lists and other practice exercises. There is a certain way to write in IELTS exams. Therefore students are guided accordingly to attend their writing sessions.



The grammatical structure of every language seems confusing and incomprehensible. Therefore, there are several students who loath learning grammar or despise learning language due to grammar. However, grammar is the underlying foundation and inevitable part of any language.

Similarly, in IELTS/OET grammar is unavoidable. Grammar appears in both speaking and writing modules. The way you flaunt your grammar skills would fetch you the best score in ranking. The best OET coaching centre in Kochi render special guidance to those students who are weak in grammar. Our faculty members take extra care and consideration to provide individual attention to those students.

Learning grammar is not a herculean task. Therefore, we give umpteen practise lessons to improve grammar.

Listening, speaking, writing and reading are the four courses to crack in an IELTS exam . Fluency, vocabulary and grammar are equally distributed in these four modules. The best IELTS coaching centre in Kochi provides comprehensive and intense training with a tight syllabus and the best faculty available. We equip our students not just academically. At the end of the day, we ensure our pupils attain holistic growth in the knowledge they acquire and also make themselves competitive to face the outer world brimming with confidence.