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Get your success from the right place

Date:April 17, 2021

The social and economic changes happening across the globe has demanded people to move to different parts of the world in search of jobs and other prospects. This has also led to building a unity amongst various differences. One such unifying factor is the rise of English as a global language. English is now the most widely used professional language in the world. Many English-speaking nations has made it mandatory for their expat professionals to be proficient in English before applying for a job within the country. This is where the importance of OET sets in.,

Occupational English Test (OET) is a language test valid across different nations that evaluates the English language skills of healthcare professionals. Clearing this test is compulsory for medical care professionals to work in English speaking countries of the world. Your OET score will also help employers assess your language skills for working in the healthcare profession. So, it is important to secure your OET success from the right place, as this will help you to thrive confidently in an English-speaking environment. Benz International Academy is the best OET coaching center in Kochi that provides the right kind of training for our students.,

How we train our students?
Our professional mentors have designed a very effective and success-proven methodology to impart successful English language training to students of various levels. We ensure the desired level of expertise in our candidates before they appear for the exam.,
Fluency in speaking
To speak fluently in English is the most essential skill to be developed in a student before migrating to an English-speaking country. More than 80% of the communication happens through oral medium. Especially for a health care professional, it is necessary to speak fluently, as an error in communication may prove fatal for the patient. At Benz, we give our students training in phonetics, acquaintance with various accents and speech training with right intonation to help them speak with fluency and in par with international standards.,
Clarity in reading
We make our students read various articles, especially those relating to medical field to keep them familiar with medical terminologies and genre. Medical professionals will often need to read prescriptions and other medical records to their colleagues and seniors. We equip them to read these documents with complete clarity.,
Right understanding
Correct understanding is the base of communication. A medical professional will need to attend to patients from different countries and different accents. It is important to listen to them carefully and understand with precision, for effective diagnosis. Our expert trainers at Benz will acquaint you with various accents followed by different countries and help you to achieve the desired proficiency in listening.,
Brevity in writing
Brevity is the best quality of a good writing. It is truer with regard to professional writing. Official and medical records should always state the fact clearly in minimum words. We have elaborate writing sessions and mock tests aimed at inculcating good writing styles for students.,
Why coaching center matters?
OET training is not just like a spoken English course. There are many institutes that offer you training in English speaking. But training for a profession needs the help of professionals who have adequate experience in the field. With highly qualified faculties and proven teaching methods, Benz International Academy is the best OET coaching center in Kochi that can prepare you for a successful medical career across the globe.,

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