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How to Crack IELTS Reading

Date:April 17, 2021

Tips and Tricks to Crack IELTS Reading, Reading session in IELTS has been considered to be the toughest by most students. But in fact, you can easily crack your reading session if you focus on a few points. Basically, you need to develop your reading skills as well as English skills to pass any reading exam. But certain practices may help you scan and skim the passage to find your answers accurately and fast.,

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Before moving to the tips and solutions let us see what makes the IELTS reading session a hard nut to crack.,
It is the most common complaint by students that the given time is not enough to go through the long passage. It is mere luck if you find the answer at the first glance. So the prominent reason for failing the session is bad time management.
Need to find answers for too many questions as many as 40. A large number of candidates fail to answer all the questions, thus losing the score.
Answers require an extreme understanding of the passage. Quite a good number of answers are indirect and need to understand the passage thoroughly in a limited time.
Though the above difficulties prevail in your future exams too, focusing on the below points will help to achieve the required score in your IELTS exam.,
Read, read and read anything
Practice comes first. Need to practice reading unlimited times as each time you read you are getting more familiar with understanding the language. Read anything like newspapers, magazines, reading practice samples, previous exam passages etc.,
Learn to scan
You should not be reading a passage to get a general understanding. When you practice, learn to scan the passage for a word or number. Try to find what you are looking for faster and faster, each time.,
Time management
Improve your time management skill. Divide the entire time into two or three sessions to complete each set of answers.,
Stay calm
Do not panic if your passage seems tough. Try to focus on understanding the message from the passage and carefully scan for the accurate answer for each question.,
Act smart
It is obvious that you may not get sufficient time to go through the passage more than once. Before you start reading your passage, go through the questions. Try to underline the important portions of the questions and passage. This will help you easily connect the questions with answers. ,
Use phrases
The use of proper phrases will help you to be within the word limit. Learn a lot of phrases that may be helpful in writing your answers.,
Vocabulary and grammar
Develop your vocabulary and grammar skills. If you need to spend time thinking for the right word to use, you may not be able to finish all answers. In the same way, polish your grammar skills too while preparing for the exam.,
Familiarize with difficult passages
While you preparing for any exam like IELTS/OET, choose difficult passages to practice. This will help you to not panic if you get a difficult passage in the exam. Also, this will help you with the skills of finding answers from difficult passages., These tips if followed along with the assistance of the experts at Benz, cracking the IELTS reading section would be an easy task. This is what makes us the best IELTS coaching center in Kochi. Our section-wise strategy for cracking IELTS along with the cooperation of our dedicated students is the sole reason behind the success of Benz International Academy.,

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