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How to ensure success in IELTS with result-oriented training?

Date:April 17, 2021

As a part of globalization and liberal immigrant policies, people are now flocking to different parts of the world more than ever to find rewarding jobs or make business relations with foreign clients. This has further enhanced the status of English as a global language. Many countries have made it mandatory for foreign citizens to have an IELTS certification in order to live and work within the country. So, the number of people aspiring to pass IELTS has increased tremendously over the last few years.,

Cracking IELTS is not a herculean task as many of you think. But it is necessary to follow a well disciplined and result oriented training based on the four skills – Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.,

What is a result-oriented training?
It means focusing on the core skills than just waste your time on unnecessary activities. Let’s discuss a few tips on how to make your IELTS practice session result oriented based on the four basic skills. ,

Although listening skill may seem simple compared to other three, it is not that easy to acquire. You must acquaint yourself with different accents and pronunciation by listening to audio clips, podcasts, news telecasts, movies and various other programmes on English channels. This will, not only improve your listening skill, but enhance your vocabulary and open the doors to the world of knowledge. A broader awareness about various topics and in-depth general knowledge will help you indirectly in attempting all the four skill based tests. ,

For most candidates who attend the training, speaking is usually the most difficult skill to acquire amongst all four. This is not just because of the language barrier, but an inherent fear to make mistakes in front of others and lack of confidence in oneself. This inhibition can be overcome only by repeatedly practicing the skill as many times as possible.,

For example, you may start with preparing a range of topics related to various subjects. Try to speak about one topic a day facing the mirror or in front of a friend. Repeat it several times till you become confident. Assess and grade your performance in a sheet of paper. Try a different topic everyday until the day of your exam. This will really help to enhance your English speaking skill and also boost your confidence to a great extent.,

The general saying that “there is no shortcut to success” goes with IELTS exam too. It is only through regular practice that you can crack the exam hassle free. Reading is a very good habit for all, but is absolutely necessary for an IELTS candidate. You may try reading the daily newspaper, magazines or any other informative books of your interest. But, please ensure to read aloud with proper attention to pronunciation, intonation, pitch and other structural aspects of language. This will also improve your vocabulary and general knowledge. Devote a minimum of half an hour a day for improving your reading skill.,

Writing is very often considered an inborn talent. On the contrary, it is a skill that can be developed and nurtured. Also, your aim is not to write a novel or poem, but frame a few paragraphs that are meaningful, well structured and free of grammatical and spelling errors. You also need to learn to write the topic within the given time slot. So, similar to other skills, spend half an hour daily to write a topic of your choice. Evaluate your writing style and see ,

how you improve each day with regard to various writing aspects like spelling, grammar, structure, vocabulary and flow of ideas.,

Make your training more effective
IELTS is a well structured and time based exam to assess your proficiency in English language. So, the preparation for the same should also be well ordered and result oriented. Only then it will give you the intended result within less time. We are the best IELTS coaching center in Kochi with many years of experience in imparting a highly result oriented training to students and professionals. By following the right methods, we help to make your IELTS dream come true with minimum time and effort.,

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