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How To Prepare For Writing And Speaking For IELTS?

Date:April 17, 2021

Preparing for IELTS is something that not only improves your linguistic skills but also helps in boosting your confidence. Also, it helps one understand how well they handle the language and what are the barriers or shortcomings that they need to overcome. Normally, many aspirants come up with brilliant ideas during an interactive session but fail to put them clearly in better words. The following are some of the tips suggested by experts at Benz Academy to prepare better for writing and speaking for IELTS., Top Tips To Be Practiced For Best Results, IELTS is never a hurdle to cross if you follow the right guidelines towards success. The following are some of them: ,
Start Preparing At The Earliest
Time management is the fundamental rule to follow in IELTS. Many aspirants are of the opinion that since they speak English substantially, they feel confident to appear for the test. However, this is a myth that has been believed by many students. Therefore, it is ideal to start well ahead of exams, so that you have time to understand and evaluate your own flaws and correct them.,
Answer To The Point
Conciseness and clarity are all that matters in answering a question. Stick to the point that you would like to emphasize rather than dragging them long. Be considerate to wait until you read or listen to the question before jumping to the answers.,
Check Your Grammar And Vocabulary
Hear or read the question well before answering them. Also, frame your answers mentally before putting them on the paper or giving them. Learn some new words that may add to your linguistic strengths and make sure to use them at relevant places. When it comes to writing, frame the answers in such a way that they are crisp, logically organized, and accurate. Think before you say or write.,
Pause Rather Than Using Fillers
Fillers are the worst mistakes that happen while giving an oral examination for IELTS. This is a sign that you are not confident in the idea you share or the words you speak. Also, fillers are accidental and are never realized unless they have been pointed out. Fillers (Aaa, Well.., Ummm, so…) should be monitored well during preparations and should be eliminated with precision. ,
Modulate The Answers
The best way to present an answer for an oral IELTS exam is to take the help of your voice modulation. Do not make it obvious that it has been memorized. Take control of your voice and make the best use of intonations. Use the high pitch and low pitch to help the examiner understand your ideas better. If you are to take a written examination, then reduce the grammatical errors. ,
Read As Much As You Can
Dedicate a specific amount of time every day and grab something to read that interests you. It could be anything- a blog, a newspaper, and an article that you get hooked on. Do not read for the sake of reading, and enjoy it. Also, focus on your diction, pauses, and intonation more than the content in hand.,
Learn Time Management
Set a time limit while you give your mock examination- both for the oral and written parts. Pace up accordingly and see to it that you cover all the points that you would like to convey and that you don’t run out of time. Spare the last few minutes of your written examination to read through your answers and eradicate them. While making it to the IELTS exams successfully is a dream to many, the guidelines are often missed out. Following these guidelines can help one make their attempt, the most successful one. Choose the best IELTS coaching center in Kochi. Join Benz, to fly!,

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