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How To Score More?

Date:April 17, 2021

Though UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada remain the most sought-after career destinations for professionals, many people hesitate to think about a dream career in these destinations as IELTS/OET raises a barrier between their dreams and career. It is in fact absolutely true to say that IELTS and OET are the two most difficult language tests in the world, but the amazing fact is that in spite of the difficulties thousands of candidates pass these in non-English speaking countries. Though difficult these tests are still possible to crack and pass out with great scores. Benz International Academy in Cochin has been established with the mission of helping candidates to overcome this barrier and land in their dream career in the shortest time possible. Reputed to be the best IELTS and OET coaching center in Kochi, Benz Academy trains 100s of students each year and helps them to pass the exams with great results., Do you want to know how Benz Academy achieves this mission of the most number of success stories each month?, ,
Benz is really experienced
Benz International Academy has been in the training scene for more than 15 years now. We pioneered in many modern training strategies and we have insisted on consistent growth in success rate month after month. Our faculty members are masters in the art of training and we make sure they are skilled to scale each student for his/her abilities to help them with the exact coaching they require to excel in the exams., ,
Tailor-made training
Each student gets tailor-made training to enrich the language skills. We realize that each student comes from different language skills and educational backgrounds. We have developed multiple training strategies to help each student to pass the exam in the least minimum attempts., ,
Comprehensive training
The training sessions are designed with the insight to help students to learn complex language skills in a fun-packed and easy to grab model. Power-packed and competitive training segments help students to know tips and tricks of facing the exam with confidence. This in fact adds to our branding as the best IELTS coaching center in Kochi and the top OET training institute in Kochi., ,
Flexible training sessions
Benz International Academy offers both online and regular sessions for students. But currently, in this pandemic situation, we offer only online coaching emphasizing the safety of the candidates and facilitators. Our online training is designed in a way to create the same atmosphere as if you are attending regular sessions. Interactive, informative and combined online sessions allow students to converse with the trainer and get instant corrections and suggestions., ,
Intensive coaching
Here at Benz International Academy, we understand how important this exam is for you. Thus, keeping this in mind our training sessions provide intensive and full-time training for students to help them to focus on the exam 100%. Each session will make sure that you have improved from the previous one and you are not repeating mistakes or errors., ,
Benz Academy offers all the training courses at the most affordable competitive rates in Kochi and around.,

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