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Our success-proven online training

Date:June 18, 2021

The pandemic has digitalized the entire world. Attending classroom lessons physically with teachers and classmates might be tales of the past now. In such a circumstance, it is fairly natural to ask can IELTS be studied online?

Will it be as effective as the classroom lectures?

The best IELTS coaching centre in Kochi conducts online training for IELTS/OET even before the pandemic made it online.

Benz’s mode of online training

Be it the offline classes or the online classes, the best OET coaching centre in Kochi has a meticulously planned and structured syllabus and strategy to guide students to clear these exams. Catering to the needs of our students, we have provisions for online classes. Our online class is targeted at students who cannot make it to the classrooms or wish to do it part-time. The coaching is for all students who seek to achieve their dreams despite other commitments and responsibilities. What makes our online classes more efficient and successful?

  • Convenient timing. Our students have all the liberty to choose their timings for their lessons as per their convenience. Our faculty members devotedly adjust accordingly. Timing flexibility befits candidates who have jobs or other classes to attend.
  • Personal heed. Personal or individual attention is a highlighted feature of the best IELTS coaching centre in Kochi. No matter the classes are virtual or real, students who require personal consideration are taken into account and trained accordingly. If any particular pupil lags behind any module or needs special training in picking up the language, our teachers unhesitatingly serve the needs.
  • Active sessions. Rather than mere lectures, our intensive course pattern encompasses live interactive sessions for students. The purpose of these sessions is to boost their confidence and discourse without fear.
  • Course materials. students attending online coaching also has the provision to avail course materials. The best OET coaching centre in Kochi provide exclusive study materials to all our pupils. Materials are sent online or offline at their request.
  • More practice assignments. Online coaching students are privileged with more assignments. We assign assignments from time to time so that students are familiarized with all the modules and concepts.
  • Mock tests. Mock tests are conducted periodically to ensure that students know the question pattern and how to answer them. We also mark them on basis of their mock test score and guide them to improve accordingly.
  • Weekly assessments. Along with the mock tests, weekly assessments are also conducted to evaluate the students. Based on the weekly assessment, we decide as to who requires individual attention in which module or portion.
  • Involvement of senior experts. The best IELTS coaching centre in Kochi has a set of senior mavens who engage the students with various sessions and classes. They also get corrections from them.

When all is said and done

The best OET coaching centre in Kochi online mode of coaching is

time-tested. We employ convenient and accessible applications that anyone can handle with ease. Whether the classes be online or offline, the right guidance and training can help you bring off. Experience our success-proven online coaching and weave your tale of success.