Intensive Course Structure

Benz International Academy has developed a comprehensive course pattern to help our students come out with the best results in their IELTS/OET exams. Our IELTS/OET trainers are trained to deliver the most advanced course pattern. Our team frequently updates with the current methods of training. The course structure is molded in such a way that students are well familiar with what to expect in their IELTS/OET exams. They get regular training and mock tests in all four modules of IELTS/OET exams which help them to be present in the exam center with confidence.

Our course structure includes face to face training sessions, group discussions, interactive sessions, one on one sessions, question & answer sessions, homework assignments, writing practice lessons, speaking practice sessions, and regular mock tests. Separate training is given to clear all sections separately for all courses. Our trainers are available for any doubt clearance throughout the training period.

Benz International Academy ensures that each and every student who has enrolled with us should clear the exam that they are looking forward to in their first attempt. We value not only your money but also your time and energy that you have invested with our institute. For helping you achieve your dream, we assist our students in every way possible. Mock tests are conducted at regular intervals of time. Depending on their scores in these mock tests, they are further given tips on improvement in their weaker areas and few test series to cope with their weaker sections. Special attention is also given to students who are employed and are engaged in other activities other than learning. They are given practice according to their requirements and needs focusing on students’ priority.

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