Online Training

We, at Benz International Academy, understand the needs of every student and make distinctive amendments in the course pattern so that no one is left out from chasing their dreams. Students with various constraints, such as commuting issues, time management issues, etc. are taken care of in the right manner. We ensure that all aspirants get an opportunity to learn even if they have other hurdles. Online learning is encouraged for those students who are unable to attend the physical classroom.

Online learning helps students avoid the hassles of traveling and long waiting hours. Students can opt for online IELTS/OET training while they continue with their present jobs/courses without making any alterations in their daily routine. Online IELTS/OET training enables students to take their lessons in the comfort of their homes. We have expert trainers who are familiar with various aspects of online training. Online IELTS/OET training sessions are modulated in such a way that students do not miss anything which is provided in the regular sessions. Classes are arranged with flexible timing suitable for the working people. We provide one on one training so that each student gets an opportunity to interact with the trainer just like in a physical classroom. Students can clear their doubts on the go. Mock tests and other practice tests are conducted with the same promptness as with regular students.

Our online IELTS/OET study material includes exclusive packages which help students to crack their exams with ease. We have user-friendly online platforms that help students to have a pleasant learning experience. To put it in a nutshell, the online IELTS/OET training of Benz has the following advantages:-

  • a. Flexible timing
  • b. Individual attention
  • c. Live interactive sessions
  • d. Exclusive course materials
  • e. Assignments for more practice
  • f. Regular mock tests
  • g. Weekly assessments
  • h. Corrections by senior writing experts
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