Skilled Faculty

Benz Academy is equipped with an array of well- qualified and experienced staff who are fully dedicated to bringing out the best results from the students. An enthusiastic team of trainers is the most crucial factor in the success of any learning institute and Benz is proud to have such a team. Our faculty under the leadership of the senior coach, Mr. Benny Joseph who is a British Council and IDP Certified trainer provides the best IELTS/OET training to the students. Our faculty assess the students for their various skills and training is given to them based on the assessment. Our faculty is well versed and familiar with the latest training methods and they help students to focus on solving the problems analytically and precisely. Our trainers make sure that they update their knowledge and training skills which obviously benefit the students.

We are proud to have a bunch of trainers who understand the student requirements and customize the training pattern in the most suitable way. Our IELTS/OET trainers are trained to give the best guidance and supervision throughout the learning period. A dedicated faculty is undeniably the most treasured asset of any educational institute and Benz International Academy is proud to possess one. We ensure that the potentials of our faculty are utilized most effectively to upskill the students. Thanks to our senior trainer Benny Joseph for all his support and guidance. We are able to effectively utilize his experience and training skills to nurture our team. Regular pieces of training are provided to the faculty to keep them updated and we as a team always look forward to improvement.

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