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Why Benz when it comes to IELTS/OET coachings

Date:April 19, 2021

Success is a process, not an event”. Similarly, the journey abroad to land on your dream medical profession is also a process. What would you say if the best IELTS coaching centre in Kochi offered to help you in this process?

How Benz academy is different from its competitors?

The right guidance to channelise your hard work and perseverance would fetch you the best score in IELTS/OET examinations. Take a look at what the best OET coaching centre in Kochi has in store for you.

Comprehensive course structure. We provide an intensive and thorough
course pattern that our students are sure to come out with flying colours. We keep track of the changing syllabus and course details and give the latest and advanced versions of the course structure. Our meticulously planned course pattern includes face to face training sessions, interactive workshops, group discussions, reading, writing, listening practise sessions etc. Regular mock tests and assignments are also conducted so that our students are familiar with the exam pattern and find it easy to appear for the examinations.

Proficient and experienced facultyc. Qualified, skilled, experienced, devoted and zealous faculty teachers and trainers are the supplementary features of the best IELTS coaching centre in Kochi. Benz academy offers training not just to the students but also to the trainers to be up-to-date with their teaching skills, knowledge, syllabus and various activities associated with the coaching. Our trainers and teachers are available throughout to clear the doubts of the students and to customize their learning.

Online coaching . Now that things are getting more digitalized in the present scenario, you cannot always rely on the physical classrooms. Keeping this in mind, we provide the provision for online learning to students who are unable to make it to the regular classrooms. Online training save the difficulties of travelling at the same time they need not worry that we would cut corners in online classes. The same course pattern and strategies are thoroughly followed in online sessions too. Another highlighted feature of online classes is that students can take part in coaching along with their jobs and other courses without affecting their schedule.

British Council and IDP certification . This hallmark crowns the best OET coaching centre in Kochi. This is an inevitable and requisite feature that is looked for in an IELTS institution. British Council is an international organization for cultural relations and educational possibilities from the United Kindom. They maintain a cordial relation with the top cities of the nation and Benz academy is proud to claim our certification by the British Council. The International Development Program (IDP) is a platform that gives placements in foreign nations and we are a part of them too.

Our features and specialities do not end here. The best available location within the outskirts of Ernakulam district for easy access, the coaching centre with the highest rating, intensive training etc. are some other facets that distinguish us from others. Benz academy is here with our students to complete their journey with the right and efficient guidance.


Does all this sound too good to be true? The best IELTS coaching centre in Kochi is ready to prove everything we claim. Students and parents who have put their trust and faith in us, have never returned disappointed. Benz academy is the most trusted name in IELTS/OET coachings. We believe in team spirit and achieve to strive excellence in what we do.